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We provide Roofing Services


We provide siding services


We provide remodeling services for interior and exterior.


We provide construction services.

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About Us

In the Beginning:

Ray Rondo, the owner of Rondos Contruction, founded the company in June, 2008. Ray was motivated to start his own company as a result of many years working in the trade.

For ten years Ray has enjoyed a career in the printing industry. Aftrer realizing printing was no longer rewarding to him, Ray decided to focus on this contruction experiance.

The Growing Years:

Years of dealing with less than perfect projects within the contruction trade, Ray saw an opportunity to offer quality services at more convienent prices. This gave a perfect opportunity to turn his passion into a profession... The Rondo's Construction, LLC.

Where we're going:

The Rondos Construction continues to grow and provide exceptional customer service.

Team Bio:

personel bio pic(Ray Rondo Owner): Has worked in construction for many years. In 2008 Ray Started The Rondo's Construction, LLC.

personel bio pic(Naomie Rondo Administrator): Supports The Rondos Construction in many ways including but not limited to Tax preparation, Licensing and Insurance, along with Marketing and Sales.

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